Times Square Art Scene Youth T-Shirt

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Times Square   Scene   Youth T-Shirt

The bright lights and excitement of Times Square are captured in this   original painting by   folk artist, Patricia Palermino. Countless advertisements flash and adorn buildings while taxis zip by on Broadway and 7th Avenue, so your child's memories of 42nd Street can be worn   wherever they go.
The Artist: Patricia Palermino has produced a unique collection of American   folk art from her studio in Alexandria, Virginia for 20 years.   Using vibrant colors, Palermino creates an array of magical scenes that combine a whimsical spirit with a hint of nostalgia. Her art has been recognized and sold to many public and private collections,   such as the White House, the American Museum in Bath,   England, and the National Archives, among others and has been reproduced onto   note cards, folk art posters and   more recently, puzzles.   New York is a large part of her collection, and she calls it her "favorite city." Bring   her celebration of America home today with these fine products.                

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