NYPD Full Play Set

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NYPD   Full Set

Take control of New York's busy streets with this set of NYPD cars and toys. Each car features the famous NYPD logo. Whether   for a collection or for endless hours of high speed action, everyone will enjoy our NYPD   vehicles.

Observe the details of each   car including the NYPD's signature motto:   "Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect."

14-Piece Set   containing 5 die-cast   vehicles including:
- Hummer
- Tow Truck
- Police Chief's Patrol Car
- Motorcycle

And Other Toys:
2 Policemen (1 with a dalmatian)
- 2 Striped   Warning   Signs
- 2   Yellow Cones
- "Do Not Cross Line" Sign
- "NYPD" Sign
- Street Light (complete with walk/don't walk signs)

For ages 4 and up.

Cars measure 3" long.

Package measures 10" tall x 1" wide x 1 1/2" deep.