Large Statue of Liberty Replica 45 Inches

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Large 45 inch Statue of Liberty statue provides an ideal home or professional presentation. Use in the entry way in your home, office, or restaurant. Fine detail and quality material. Made of resin and plaster. Weighs 24.8 pounds. Base measures 10.5 x 10.5 across and 15 inches tall. Liberty measures 6.75 x 7 across and 30 inches tall. Comes as 1 piece, no assembly and cannot be separated. The base and statue are hollow to keep the statue light weight. At 24.8 pounds the statue can easily be moved. For safety, two people are recommeded to move the statue but are not required. Comes in a sturdy shipping box measuring 15 x 17 x 49.5 inches at 29.7 pounds shipping weight. Quality guaranteed.

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