Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle

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3D   Eiffel Tower Puzzle

Challenge yourself by creating a lifelike 3D replica of one of   the world's   most famous landmarks: the   Eiffel Tower.   Each of its   37 pieces are made from sturdy polystyrene foam board, and   the best part is: the   Eiffel Tower Puzzle   can be assembled without scissors or glue!   Each piece is perfectly molded to fit, creating a   seamless, mini   Eiffel Tower wherever you want.  
A great gift for ages 5+,   building a part of   Paris has never been easier or so much fun. Once completed, its size   and amazing detail   makes it a beautiful centerpiece in your home, office, major party or corporate   event.  
Finished building measures: 8" L x 9" W x 19" H          

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