3D Golden Gate Bridge Ornament

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Golden Gate Bridge Ornament

Using a centuries old process developed in Eastern Europe, the Golden Gate Bridge is magnificently reproduced as a glass Christmas ornament.

Each San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge ornament is constructed of molten glass hand-blown into a mold. Once the glass is shaped, it is then silvered. Silvering helps to create a reflective property and depth of color in the ornament. After the ornaments dry, they are then decorated. Each of these Landmark Creations ornaments is hand-painted. The painting process can take up to one week for a single Golden Gate Bridge ornament. As they are individually hand-painted, you are guaranteed to receive a unique ornament, since no two will look exactly the same.

We are proud to offer you these San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Christmas ornaments and we are sure they will be cherished in your family for generations.  

History: In 1936, an engineer named Joseph Strauss and his aide, Charles Alton Ellis designed the Golden Gate Bridge. Upon its completion in 1937, the Bridge was heralded as the longest single-span bridge on the planet. The Bridge is more than a mile-and-a-half long, and at its center point, the roadway sits 220 feet above the water. Each tower stands 746 feet above the water, although their tops are often obscured by fog. Earthquake? No problem! The Bridge is so flexible that the roadway can swing an amazing 27 feet. In fact, many trapeze artists train here. The Bridge is painted International Orange, a color developed by Joseph Strauss and Irving Morrow. Since its opening, the bridge has seen over 1.5 billion vehicle crossings. Many San Franciscans admit that no matter how many times they cross the bridge, it is always a thrill: with the bay on one side and the open ocean on the other, the spectacular view is framed by the swooping orange cables. Keep your eyes on the road please!

Measures 3½"

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