Then and Now: Paris Photography Book

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Paris: Then and Now

Photography Book

An impressive softcover Paris book with   70 color and 70 black-and-white photos comparing the   Paris of today to the   Paris of yesteryear.  

This 144-page book measures 10" x 11".
Providing an enchanting look at the way Paris has preserved its wonderful heritage as well as adapting to a new century, Paris Then and Now features the city's greatest works of architecture, and its most enchanting places. Including all of the most famous tourist destinations the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Champs Élysées, the Moulin Rouge, etc.—it also looks at many unexpected Parisian delights such as the Opera House and the Madeleine Church. This book is a vivid glimpse of Paris, offering a distinctive taste of a city that has played such an important role in history and which continues to delight visitors to this day.