Then and Now: Central Park Photography Book

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Central Park: Then and Now

Photography Book

An impressive New York City Coffee Table book with 70 color and 70 black-and-white photos comparing Central Park of today to Central Park of yesteryear. 
The 144-page hardcover book measures 10" x 11 ¼" x ¾".
Arguably one of the best-known and most-visited urban parks in the world, Central Park was originally created to provide an open space for Manhattan's booming population to escape the noise and pollution of the busy city. Today, you'll still find New Yorkers (and millions of tourists!) languishing on the Park's lush lawns, jogging along its paths, skating on Wollman Pond, or riding the historic carousel. Visit this amazing park and its remarkable history in Central Park Then and Now. 
  • Officially completed in 1873, Central Park is filled with man-made lakes, ponds, winding paths, pavilions, and attractive buildings. As the photographs show, many structures, including an old elevated railway, were removed to make room for the new park
  • Compare the old Central Park Menagerie to the modern Central Park Zoo. In its early days, the park received many exotic animals as gifts and the Menagerie began to grow. A  zoo building was designed to house the animals in 1934
  • Come rub Balto's nose! This hero sled dog has achieved a polished golden appearance as generations of children have come to rub his nose for luck
  • Although New York moves at a breakneck pace, inside Central Park time seems to stand still. The clothing may look different, but kids still play with sailboats at the boating lake, lovers still go for rides on Carriage Drive, and families still toboggan on the park's rolling hills
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