Then and Now: Brooklyn Photography Book

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Brooklyn: Then and Now

Photography Book (Hardcover)

An impressive hardcover Brooklyn Coffee Table book with 70 color and 70 black-and-white photos comparing the Brooklyn of today to the Brooklyn of yesteryear. 

This 144-page book measures 10" x 11¼" x ¾".
Brooklyn evokes familiar images. The Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Dodgers, and Coney Island are icons as well known as Manhattan’s skyline. The borough has had many different faces over its fascinating history and this book celebrates these with archival and specially commissioned new photography. Just across the river from Manhattan, Brooklyn is an 81-square-mile peninsular that also borders New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean; a home to more than two million people. In the early 1800s Brooklyn became one of the world’s first commuter suburbs, connected to Manhattan by a string of ferry lines. It gained city status in 1834 and by the end of the 19th century was a major center of industry. Its population soared when thousands of immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Norway, Italy, Poland, and Russia poured into the city to work in the factories and refineries. Fueled also by shipbuilding and industrial growth, Brooklyn became the nation’s third most populous city by the Civil War. It built civic and cultural showpieces, a stately city hall and art museum and the 256-acre Prospect Park, which rivaled Manhattan’s Central Park. However, it failed to hold on to its city status and in 1898 joined the great consolidation of boroughs that formed New York City. The borough still maintains its own identity and, with a rich mixture of ethnicity, it is home to some lively communities. Young couples have created new homes in century-old row houses and artists have transformed old industrial buildings into spacious studios. Brooklyn Then & Now illustrates the vibrant character of this forever changing borough. Complete with historic photographs, many taken over a century ago, and matching full-color contemporary scenes, the book provides a visual chronicle of one of America’s most intriguing places.

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