Rome Colosseum 3D Puzzle

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3D Rome Colosseum Puzzle
Create a lifelike 3D replica of the Roman Colosseum. Each of the 84 pieces are made from sturdy polystyrene foam board. The Italy puzzle can be assembled without scissors or glue! Each piece is perfectly molded to fit, creating a seamless, mini Colosseum wherever you want. Construction of the Colosseum began under the rule of Emperor Vespasian in around 70-72 AD it was inaugurated by Titus in 80 A.D. and then completed by Domitian. Located on the marshy land between the Esquiline and Caelian Hills, it was the first permanent amphitheater to be built in Rome.
A great gift for ages 3+, building a part of Rome, Italy has never been easier or so much fun. Once completed, its size and amazing detail makes it a beautiful centerpiece in your home, office, major party or corporate event.
Finished building measures: 13.4 L X 10.8 D X 3.1 H inches

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