Canadian Flag Glass Ornament

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Canada Flag Glass Ornament

Celebrate your Canadian heritage with our Glass Flag Ornaments. Delicately beautiful, this Canadian ornament is sure to add a festive touch to your home.
Each Canadian Flag Glass Ornament is styled in the tradition of European blown glass. Once the glass is hand-blown into a mold and shaped, it is then silvered. Silvering helps to create a reflective property and depth of color in the ornament. After the ornaments are dry, they are then hand decorated with paint and glitter. As each of these Canada, Kurt Adler, ornaments is hand-painted, you are guaranteed to receive a unique ornament since no two will look exactly the same.  
From the Kurt Adler, , collection,we are proud to offer you these Canadian Flag Christmas Ornaments, and we are sure they will be cherished in your family for generations. At this price, you can buy one for yourself and someone you love! 
Measures 4"L x 4.25"W x 1"H
Short history of the Irish tricolour flag: Adopted during the war of independence in 1919 by the Irish Republic, each pale, or vertical band, is equal in size to the other. Green represents the Catholic community, orange the Protestant community, and white the peace between the two groups.

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